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Nuvitas - Nurture Through Nature

My journey:

I was born and raised in Central of Vietnam, but spent most of my adulthood in Australia. This unique upbringing has imprinted a multicultural perspective on my way of life and has become the foundation of my business. I started the idea of “NUVITAS– Nurture through Nature” while studying my PhD in biochemistry at the University of Sydney in 2008, but it has taken me some years to fully bring it to life. I am passionate about introducing our Viet ways of life, both eating styles and cultural perspectives, and integrating them into our Australian multi-cultural lifestyle.

I have always had a healthy diet. Growing up, I remember Mum always reminded me to eat healthily: “Remember to eat your spinach!” “Darling, do not eat too much candy!” (not that we had much or had it often). My first few years in Australia were difficult, my skin was constantly dry and cracked, I always felt bloated and my digestive health was never good. I felt ill for months because of the Australian harsh winter in 2004, which then became the turning point for me to look into my lifestyle and make changes.

I realized that what I thought was a healthy diet actually lacked balance. Our Vietnamese diet in general was heavy in carbs but relatively deficient in proteins, a diet which weakened my immunity.  The western diet, however, had too much protein, especially in red meats and was lacking in greens making it difficult for my gut to digest. Because my gut was not adapting, my skin, hair and nails were also suffering. I changed my diet to focus more on nutritional values, balancing between protein, carbs and fatty food groups. I chose only natural and organic products for my skin and personal care. I expanded my food repertoire and had opportunities to try food from other cultures. I have never been happier about my health and my natural look and I would like to take you with me and Nuvitas on our journey.

Best of Health,
Fiona Vu
Founder of Nuvitas