The crumbly, buttery and melt- in your mouth pineapple shortbreads are memorable experience of my trip to Taiwan in 2016. If you have visited Taiwan you would know what I meant, the locals call it pineapple cakes or biscuits, but the texture is very close to short bread to me. It is up to your judgement what categories pineapple biscuits may be... but does it matter though?




Since my Taiwan trip, I have made this tasty biscuit in many occasions, and everybody went crazy for it. I have tested a number of recipes, but this one comes out best.


Few tips from my experience:

  1. Make sure the butter and cream cheese are really soft, but not melt as liquid forms.
  2. Rest the dough in the fridge to harden it up, and work very quickly. Do not over mix the dough if you dont want to end up with a chewy dough.
  3. The dough can be kept for up to 1 month in freezer and the pineapple jam can be stored for up to 2 months in an air tight container.
  4. The dough can be used without the jam, still creates a wonderful crowd-pleasing shortbreads.
  5. Make a lots as they will be all gone before you even have time to taste it yourself (happened to me few times...)


Happy baking,


Following is the best ever recipe for Taiwanese pineapple biscuits you can bake at home for your family and friends.


Pineapple Biscuits: Crumbly, buttery shortbreads with organic pineapple jam.

Ingredients for organic pineapple jam:

  • enough to make up to 50 biscuits.
  • 1 medium size fresh organic Queensland pineapple: skin peeled and core removed.
  • 1 cup of castor sugar or 1 cup of LONGLIFE EARTH organic coconut sugar.
  • 2-4 tbsps of SPIRAL FOODS organic rice syrup.

Equipement needed: Kitchen Aid Multi Mixer with a stirring tower will be of great help to prevent muscle fatigue as the result of prolonged contanst repetitive stirring motions.




The pineapple is sliced thinly and blended smoothly using a food processor. You can use Nutribullet for a quick result. Pour the pineapple juice into a non-stick pan.

Boil the juice with 1 cup of sugar for 5 mins until the sugar is dissolved and let the mix simmer for 4 hours with a constant stirring with the lid off to allow the liquid to evaporate. The jam should become a thick paste.

With 1kg of pineapple juice, you can make 500g of this pineapple jam, which should be enough to make up to 50 biscuits.

If you have the mixer, set the mixer to boil for 5 mins and then simmer for 4hours with constant stirring at a slow speed at the beginning and then medium speed till the end.

Store the paste in an air-tight container.


Ingredients for shortbread dough:

  • enough to make up to 30 biscuits.
  • 150g unsalted butter, soft but not melt.
  • 60g of cream cheese, soft at room temperature.
  • 60ml of heavy cream (cold)
  • ¼ cup of icing sugar or icing xylitol sugar alternative.
  • 1 1/3 cup of plain flour. Make it gluten free with ORGRAN All purpose Flour or Gluten free and Wheat free with CASSALARE Not so Plain Flour.
  • 1 whole egg + 1 yolk
  • For brushing: 1 yolk + 1 tbsp of fresh milk


Equipment needed: Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer or any mixer with speed control and a dough hook and a bread beater.




Add the soft butter, cream cheese to the bowl of the stand mixer. Sieve the icing sugar on top. Use the bread beater to mix at a slow speed till all the ingredients are blended and the sugar is dissolved.

Add the yolk first and make sure this is well mixed before adding the whole egg to the mixture. You can use a spatula to stir and pull any dough that is stuck on the bowl.

Once the mixture is well blended, gather all the dough into a corner of the bowl. Sieve the flour on top of the liquid mixture. Switch to a dough hook and blend together for 2-3 minutes at medium speed.

The dough is wet and very sticky when first finished. Wrap it tightly using glad wrap, remove all the air bubbles. Rest the dough in the fridge for 1 hours until it is hardened up. If it not used immediately, freeze it down and place in the fridge to thaw overnight before using.

To use, dust the surface with plain flour. Roll the dough quickly once to loosen up the dough. Divide the dough into 40 small cubes of 20-25g.


Assembly and baking:


Pre heat the oven 180C or 160C in a fan-force oven.

To assemble the pineapple biscuits, first roll each cube of the dough into a small ball, use your thumb to press a big hole in the centre of the ball. Insert a tsp of pineapple jam right in the middle and close up the hole.

You can mould the biscuits into any shapes (round, square or heart shaped) that you like.

Line a baking tray with baking paper and place the pineapple biscuits into the tray with spaces between them.

Mix 1 yolk and 1 tbsp of fresh milk. Brush the mixture with a thin layer on top of the pineapple biscuits.

Bake for 20mins or until golden. Your kitchen will smell heavenly…




When the pineapple biscuits first come out from the oven, they are really soft and very crumbly. Let them cool down on tray without disturbing them for 20mins. You can feel the pineapple biscuits become a bit harder to touch and not falling apart when held between your fingers.


Keep the fresh pineapple biscuits in an air – tight container to be used within 2 weeks.

These crumbly, buttery pineapple biscuits are definitely going to be one of your best baking goods that everyone will ask for it at every party. Just be careful you will be making them every other week before you know it. Watch out for your Kilojoules intake though, they are tinee tiny little things in size, but quite a bit heavy on the calories. I only allow myself to have one pineapple biscuit every day in the morning and just dream about it the rest of the day…


Best served with a cup of match or green tea.

Best-ever Home-baked Taiwanese Pineapple Biscuits